Understanding Cardano Coin

Cardano Coin

Understanding Cardano Coin

What is Cardano Coin?

Of the cryptocurrency available on the market, the Cardano coin is one of the most unique. The Cardano blockchain platform is third generation proof of stake con that is decentralized as is most cryptocurrency such as Ethereum. However, the difference is that updates to its platform are conducted by scientific research that is peer-reviewed.

Cardano is currently being overseen by the Cardano Foundation, EMURGO, and IOHK. The latter is responsible for building Cardano through a team of experts that ensure the all updates are scalable within the system. Using a combination of research and platform reviews, all avenues are thoroughly checked before any update is made.

Origins of Cardano Coin

Cardano was introduced in 2017, but its development began two years earlier under the auspices of Charles Hoskinson. Hoskinson was the co-founder of Ethereum and began the development of Cardano as an alternative to the popular platform. While both have similar uses, Cardano is in some ways an update to the Ethereum system. The overall goal is to provide banking services to those who have little access or trust of traditional banks.

The Cardano coin itself is called “Ada”, which is named after a 19th century countess, Ada Lovelace. She is recognized as the first computer programmer, and thus a suitable name for the cryptocurrency.

What makes Cardano distinguished from the crowd of cryptocurrency is the emphasis on traceability and management of identity. The goal is to streamline the process of data collection and use multiple sources to ensure stability and growth. The use of different sources allows for the tracking and auditing of the process that manufactures the Cardano coin. The goal is to prevent the market from being infiltrated by counterfeit goods which builds trust in the system.

It is the focus on proper management and traceability that has helped make the Cardano coin quite popular in the cryptocurrency field. The emphasis on security combined with the a solid algorithm that creates blocks along with ensuring all transactions are properly validated has launched the cryptocurrency to respectable levels within the community.

Algorithm of Cardano Coin

As with most blockchain platforms, the process that makes it work is the algorithm which both creates the blocks and then validates all transactions. To mine the blocks, Cardano uses the Ouroboros algorithm that is based on a PoS or “Proof of Stake” protocol. Unlike Bitcoin which uses a proof-of-work system, the one employed by Cardano is designed to minimize the need for substantial computing resources and raw power.

Ouroboros works by created fixed periods of time and separating them by epochs. A typical epoch lasts five days and when one ends, another will begin. Within each epoch is a slot that lasts but a single second. However, the timeframe can change depending on the update that is used. Every slot has a leader that is selected through a lottery system. The higher the stake, the higher the chances that the lottery will be won. A slot leader is designed to create transaction blocks and add them to the blockchain and validate all transactions.

To maintain proper connectivity within the network, a minimum number of Ada holders must be present. In addition, the algorithm itself can reduce the energy consumption when the holders are part of a stake pool. Those who are Ada holders can create their own stake pool and select representatives during the execution of the protocols. The result is that the process becomes easier for those with little experience to participate. Even if you are offline, you can help ensure the creation of blocks if you are part of a stake pool.

Mining Cardano Coin

A stake pool holds all the stakes from different stakeholders. This allows them to be processed as a single unit which in turn allows for producing new blocks and the process of transactions. To create interest in the mining process, participants are rewarded with transaction fees of the cryptocurrency itself. Ouroboros collects all the rewards that have been generated over the five days of an epoch and distributes them to the stakeholders. The higher the stake, the greater the rewards.

As with any investment into cryptocurrency there is considerable risk. While the security of the Cardano coin offers a level of trust, the value of the currency itself may shift considerably over time. It is why the coin has support systems that help provide peace of mind to those who are mining the Cardano coins. Of course, it also helps that the company has built a strong reputation for the reliability and relative simplicity of its mining services. Especially when compared to the more intensive processes used by many of its competitors which requires additional investment in computing services.

The Cardano Environment

Cardano is one of three products that have been released by the companies which run the platform. The products which are part of Atala are known as PRISM, Scan, and Trace. The Atala PRISM is a tool for identify management that can verify credentials to create a bank account or help you become eligible for government aid. The Scale and Trace products are used to track a product through the chain of supply.

In addition to these produces, Cardano is adding a smart contact platform designed for the development of apps. The platform is decentralized and will be governed by a system known as Project Catalyst. The goal is to both fund and revamp the management system of the treasury.

Hoskinson has managed to create a complete environment for his Cardano coin. From the mining process to securing transaction, the cryptocurrency offers strong benefits for those who are looking to diversify their portfolio. For many, it has proven to be a valuable cryptocurrency resource with management tools that are strong and reliable.

For those who are considering investing in cryptocurrency, the Cardano coin offers a strong alternative to Bitcoin and other traditional cryptocurrencies. While still relatively young, the Cardano coin does have plenty of support which helps make it a solid choice for those who want to expand their portfolio into cryptocurrency investment.

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