The key part of an income investing strategy is to create monthly payments to your account using safe, predictable investments. This means that you create a diverse portfolio that consists mostly of low risk investments. Creating a proper portfolio generally means choosing different investments that provide an income while lessening the risk.

Long term investments are never easy, but you can simplify the process to maximize the growth potential. By following simple rules, staying patient during times of fluctuation, and making the gradual switch from riskier to safer investments over time may result in reaping considerable rewards when it is time to cash in.

Safe Investments with High Returns. The stock market is not for everyone. Whether you are looking for investments that offer more security than volatile markets or just something that’s easy to understand and predictable there are plenty of options you can consider that make sure your money is safe while it’s working for you.

How to buy and invest in bonds? Bonds are traded “over the counter”, which makes them different than stocks that are bought and sold publicly. You will need to hire a broker to invest in bonds. However, the good news is that treasury bonds can be bought directly from the US government. Therefore, you can cut out the middleman and all the profits go to you.