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Luxury Rehab

Luxury Rehab

What is a Luxury Rehab?

Substance misuse, or drug addiction, is an illness that can be treated. It affects the behavior of a person and can lead to the abuse of and loss of control over illegal substances or legal medications. Alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine are considered addictive substances, but no all substances require recovery.

Substance abuse or drug addiction can start as recreational use or experimentation. Drug addiction can also begin with access to prescription medication. The risk of addiction increases as access to substances gets easier.

It is important to understand the foundation of addiction for each individual, but also the stages of addiction.  There are four stages of addiction: experimentation, use and abuse, dependency and tolerance, and addiction.

  • Experimentation – Typically, when people begin to experiment with drugs or alcohol, they did not decide to become addicted. Peer pressure, mental discomfort or undiagnosed illness, or physical discomfort are all contributing factors to the experimentation stage.
  • Regular use and abuse – Once the experimentation phase has ended, the use of drugs or alcohol has turned from recreational and infrequent to regular daily use or a complete lifestyle. Every day experiences that be considered boring or mundane can be enhanced by the addictive substance.
  • Dependency and tolerance – Dependency on the addictive substance gets deeper as daily use continues, reliance becomes physical and psychological. The tolerance for the substance gets deeper and the brain requires more to maintain normalcy
  • Addiction – Full-blown addiction occurs when the user is comfortable with high tolerance to substances, using everyday as a lifestyle choice and becomes completely dependent on the substance and cannot function without it.

Some symptoms of substance abuse are:

  • Feeling urgency to use the drug frequently or excessively, and only thinking about the drug to the point of distraction
  • Developing a higher tolerance to the drug and taking more to achieve the same effect
  • Neglecting regular responsibilities or commitments, including work, school, or social activities with friends or family
  • Drastic changes in attitude or engaging in risky behavior
  • Failing to stop abusing the drug or substance
  • Experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms after stopping use

It is not necessary to meet all the diagnostic criteria or suffer from all the symptoms to be ready or eligible for addiction treatment. Substance abuse and drug addiction is also not limited to one specific group of people. It can affect anyone, regardless of social or financial background. There have been studies that have shown that genetic predisposition, mental or emotional factors, and social pressure have more to do with whether a person will become addicted to substances than socioeconomic background. However, addiction treatment is available to everyone.

The goal of addiction treatment is recovery and adjusting to new life after substance abuse. It is designed to help individuals who suffer from addiction stop abusing substances, stay substance free, and live a full and productive life in recovery from addiction. There is no one treatment that will work for everyone, so there are several approaches to treatment, most of which can be combined and used together for successful treatment options. Successful treatment does not just treat the substance abuse. It also should address any co-occurring mental health issues or illnesses.

The types of addiction treatment vary because not every treatment will work for every individual. Rehabilitation treatment facilities typically offer 28 to 30 day programs that can cost from $12k to $800k depending on the type of program and if they accept insurance or private pay. Some facilities may also offer long-term financing.

Luxury Rehab is one such treatment facility. If a person who is struggling with substance abuse and has significant financial gains, it is likely they will seek out treatment at a higher cost, luxury rehab center.

Luxury rehabs can take a holistic, spa-like approach to treatment. They can offer high-end amenities, such as:

  • Organic foods
  • Gym equipment or facilities
  • 24/7 care
  • Doctors on standby
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Single client rehab
  • Weight loss programs
  • Mediation, mindfulness, and yoga
  • Swimming
  • Animal therapy
  • Massage, reiki, and acupuncture
  • Art and music therapy

Recovery from substance abuse or drug addiction is about more than just a fancy resort that keeps you off drugs. A high cost is not an indicator or a good recovery program or treatment facility. Treatment programs are designed for working towards long-term recovery through medical detox, post-treatment support, and behavioral therapies.

What does Luxury Rehab Offer

Luxury rehab offer smaller staff-to-patient ratios, which can benefit each patient with a higher quality of care and treatment. It also allows for treatment to be more individualized and specialized therapies to occur more often than some other treatment facilities.

The high cost of luxury rehabs covers more than fancy food and nice rooms. It pays for clinical staff that is highly trained, licensed and certified to work with other mental health issues that can often be co-occurring with substance abuse, such as depression, PTSD, or anxiety.

What to Expect at a Luxury Rehab

A luxury treatment center can be a comfortable setting for an individual while they are trying to recovery from substance abuse. They combine treatment methods such as psychotherapy with high-end features to provide a relaxing environment conducive to recovery. Some of the evidence-based therapies include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT focuses on behaviors and how they relate to thoughts and feelings, and identifying triggers and learning to cope
  • Contingency Management (CM). CM is a reward-based system providing positive reinforcement for healthy behaviors
  • Multidimensional Family Therapy (MFT). The goal of MFT is to help with fractured family relationships

With these treatments and the welcoming atmosphere, Luxury Rehabs aim to create a safe space for healing and recovery from substance abuse and drug addiction.

Substance abuse, drug addiction, and the opioid crisis are serious and have been deemed a public health emergency. In the last twenty years, over 1million deaths can be attributed to drug overdose. There are upwards of 136 deaths a day due to drug overdose. Seeking treatment can be difficult or scary, but there are professionals that can help you decide what type of treatment will work best for your long-term recovery.

What is the Most Expensive Luxury Rehab?

Remedy Wellbeing is a luxury treatment provider that serves people in the very highest echelons of society when they face personal, traumatic and emotional issues. These are often incredibly sensitive in nature. Treatment investment starts at USD 304,000 per week for the main Remedy Residence.


An Alternative to Rehab


Some families and individuals benefit from what is called ‘In-Home Addiction Treatment’. This is where a team of exerts and specialists are assembled to deliver care within someone home or hotel. This approach affords the ultimate in privacy and individualized care from some of the leading Counselors and Therapists in the World.

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Alexander Bentley leads Remedy Investments™ a private equity fund specializing in operational real estate. Remedy Investments™ has significant expertise in developing Luxury ApartHotels across Europe and the wider APAC region.

Alexander Bentley is the creator & pioneer behind Remedy Wellbeing Hotels & Retreats. Under his leadership as CEO, Remedy Wellbeing Hotels™ received the accolade of Overall Winner: International Wellness Hotel of the Year 2022 by International Rehabs.

Because of his incredible work, the individual luxury hotel retreats are the world’s first $1 million-plus exclusive wellness centers providing an escape for individuals and families requiring absolute discretion such as Celebrities, Sportspeople, Executives, Royalty, Entrepreneurs and those subject to intense media scrutiny.