Sometimes called marketplace lending, peer to peer allows you to lend money directly to borrowers. Instead of using a financial institution such as a bank or lending firm, you provide the cash needed to a borrower looking to start up a business, expand a profitable venture, or other activity that promises considerable returns.

Real estate offers several options for garnering income depending on which type that you select. While many people are familiar with the buying and selling of property, there is the option of owning operational real estate. This option provides you with an income stream, but also offers some challenges depending on which type of operational real estate you own.

Rare coins have seen their prices increase over the years, which has led to collecting becoming more popular. The prices for rare dates and scare coins have climbed high. Coin collecting is an outside the box investment strategy. While the stock market and banks see ups and downs, rare coin prices are not dependent on the same financial issues that the other two are.

The endgame of angel investing is to make money over a five-year period. Some expert angel investors want to see profits after just three years. Unfortunately, many startups fail well before the three-to-five-year period. You want to earn a minimum of three-times to a maximum of 30-times your initial investment. Selling the startup to a large company or an IPO can see you make profits from the original investment you made.

Wine storage is critical to keeping your investments safe. Poor storage will alter the flavor of the wine and your investment can be ruined. Some wine investors pay a third-party wine storage facility to keep their investments safe. Of course, you can build a climate-controlled section of your house to store wine.

For those who are considering investing to expand their portfolios, US stock futures offers an interesting choice. Stock futures do not work the same way as buying stock in a company. And that difference is important to understand for those who want to take advantage of what US stock futures offers.

Investing in hedge funds depends on the type of individual you are and your net worth. You should consider your portfolio, goals over the short- and long-term, risk profile, liquidity, and other issues. Deciding to invest in hedge funds is not a decision you should take lightly. The risk and barrier to enter the arena are both high. You should consult with an investment advisor before jumping into hedge fund investing.

A bitcoin wallet is the digital version of the wallet you carry in your pocket or purse. Put simply, the bitcoin wallet is the password that allows you access to your cryptocurrency collection. But the features of some bitcoin wallets are more complicated than that since some do not allow for the deposit or withdrawal of bitcoins from the account.