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Why do we keep hearing about people getting richer?
Why are property prices booming yet people still buying?
Why do your friends seem wealthier then ever before?

Find what they know but you don’t

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Established by two former fund managers the Sophisticated Investor Network aims to provide a complete investor service. Our podcasts, interviews, educational websites are all forever free and new members even get a free Q&A session with one of our former fund managers, with over 25+ years experience.

The Total Free Package

Free luxury hard-copy subscription to Sophisticated Investor Magazine
Free one -to-one Q&A with one of our resident fund managers about everything you’ve ever wanted to know regarding investing for growth and income
Free Ticket Access to Investor shows and conferences
Monthly Equity Market Update
Regular information on investment opportunities and strategies that are usually the reserve of the UHNW families and market counter-parties.
Access to exciting series A funding opportunities (criteria applies)
Access to Private Placings on the London Markets
Asset backed opportunities
Oversold situations
Private Equity style financing
Digital Asset Investment Opportunities (websites, SaaS)
Free Access to Investor Education Courses

90,000+ Members Receive FREEE Exclusive Investment Info

After witnessing first-hand the inner workings of the leading investment funds, our founders witnessed private investors getting cut out of lucrative deal flows. They vowed to make this information more accessible to individuals who maybe did not even realize they were able to qualify to see them.

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Joining the Sophisticated Investor Network allows you to hit the sweet spot between digital asset growth and income, and gives investors true exposure to some of the most ambitious growth companies in the World.

What They Say

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