Buying Investment Property in Hainault

Buying Investment Property

Buying Investment Property in Hainault?

Looking to buy investment property in Hainault? It’s a sound choice, yet one that must be executed correctly. This article tells you about buying investment property in Hainault, the types of deals available and the likely returns. Remember, buying property in Hainault has, on average, yielded in excess of 8% returns per year, and significant capital asset growth.

Property Investors in Hainault have received a lot of Government and economic support. Much of this support has come indirectly in the form of the lowest interest rates in history. This has been bad news for savers, but of course good news for those buying investment property in Hainault using mortgages.

Buying investment property in Hainault with cash outright is also a sure fire hedge against any rise in interest rates. Some investors look to buy properties in need of renovation or a change of purpose. They then renovate those properties and rent them out on a long term or short terms basis.

Once these properties have been renovated and rented then investors in Hainault may refinance the property by taking a mortgage over the property at a higher value, using the income to pay the mortgage and reinvesting the profit from the deal into more property in Hainault or elsewhere.

How easy is it to make money from buying investment property in Hainault?

Guess what? It may be unsuprising to learn that this model is an absolute pain the backside for potential property entrepreneurs in Hainault.

Which properties in Hainault should you buy? What areas of the Hainault housing market are going to give the best returns? Do you know the planning application process with the council? Or about the change of use regulations?

The question you have to ask your self about buying investment property in Hainault is how hands on you want to be?

If you want a new career as a developer or property project manager then go for it.

If, like thousands of other investors you simply want to take advantage of the UK property market, and earn more than the poxy interest rates available from the so-called people’s banks on the Hainault High Street then there are many investment funds, not readily available to the general public.

If you want a new career as a developer or property project manager then go for it.

If, like thousands of other investors you simply want to take advantage of the UK property market, and earn more than the poxy interest rates available from the so-called people’s banks on the Hainault High Street then there are many investment funds, not readily available to the general public.

Map of Hainault

The County of Hainaut (French: Comté de Hainaut; Dutch: Graafschap Henegouwen; Latin: comitatus hanoniensis), sometimes spelled Hainault, was a territorial lordship within the medieval Holy Roman Empire that straddled what is now the border of Belgium and France. Its most important towns included Mons (Dutch: Bergen), now in Belgium, and Valenciennes, now in France.

The core of the county was named after the river Haine. It stretched southeast to include the Avesnois region and southwest to the Selle (Scheldt tributary). In the Middle Ages, it also gained control of part of the original pagus of Brabant to its north and the pagus of Oosterbant to the east, but they were not part of the old pagus of Hainaut. In modern terms, the original core of Hainaut consisted of the central part of the Belgian province of Hainaut, and the eastern part of the French département of Nord (the arrondissements of Avesnes-sur-Helpe and Valenciennes).

Hainaut already appeared in 8th-century records as a Frankish gau or pagus, which included the Roman towns of Famars and Bavay. In the 9th century, if not earlier, it was also described as a county, which implies that it had a single count governing it. As with many counties of the region, there was apparently a 10th-century fragmentation of territories among different counts, which is difficult to reconstruct. A single large territorial county was given its more-or-less final form in 1071 that lasted throughout the middle ages.

For much of its existence Hainaut was a frontier territory, bordering upon the kingdom of France. From 843 it was part of the “middle kingdom” of Lotharingia. After about 925 Lotharingia was definitively attached to the eastern Frankish realm that would become the Kingdom of Germany. Hainaut and its neighbourhood remained an important frontier area, or “march”, during the High Middle Ages. Though it was part of the Holy Roman Empire, which ruled from what is now Germany, it was culturally and linguistically French and part of the Catholic Archdiocese of Reims. Like its neighbours such as the counties of Brabant and Flanders, it was frequently entangled in the politics of France.

The Counts of Hainaut were often rulers of other counties, including Flanders and Holland. Examples of such personal unions include the following:

In 1432, Hainaut, Holland and Zeeland joined Flanders, Artois, Namur, Brabant, Limbourg, and later Luxembourg, within the large agglomeration of territories in the Low Countries, belonging to the French House of Valois-Burgundy. This new state, the Burgundian Netherlands, was later inherited by the Habsburg dynasty.

In 1659 and 1678 southern Hainaut was acquired by France. The northern part continued to be part of the Habsburg Netherlands. Like much of that state, the northern part of Hainaut was absorbed into the First French Republic at the end of the Ancien regime but later became part of Belgium in 1830.

What are Property investment funds

These funds are hidden in plain sight. A global network of nods and handshakes at the Rotary club or on the Golf Course. Some people refer to these private investment vehicles as hedge funds or REITS. However, they are not. These are the funds that wealthy individuals and families invest in to get richer.

The barrier to entry to these exclusive clubs is around £50,000 although do remember that these private investor funds have collectively trillions of dollars under management.

And no, these funds are not available at the bank in Hainault, nor are they covered by the FCA. Your IFA or Accountant won’t bring you the opportunities because of course they won’t receive their greasy commissions.

Investment funds are not even allowed to advertise so you’ll never hear of them unless a friend recommends them.

If you don’t know about these firms, and opportunities then these investments aren’t for you.  You will need at least some experience with previous investments to be eligible and of course they are extremely picky about the investors they accept. They can afford to be. They don’t need your money, but they can put your money to work for you like never before.

Some of these funds don’t invest in property at all. You’ll know them as hedge funds. However, there are a considerable number of Asset backed Investment vehicles delivering significant income and long term growth.

Top three international investment properties realtors in the UK and Hainault

Physis Realty

Apollo Asset Management

The Carlyle Group

Is buying property investment in Hainault a good idea?

The top three actively managed funds directly significant offshore funds into the UK market seem to think so. Of course there’s much speculation about whether rates will rise and the uncertainty around buying property investment in Hainault. One fact remains often overlooked though, during the frantic and heated investment discussions around the dining tables of Hainault

Many individuals and families in Hainault want a safer, long term investment. They realize that property is a relatively illiquid investment and they simple was a property secured investment that provides a nice balance of income and capital appreciation.

Many people looking at buying investment property in Hainault have plenty of business and investment initiatives already in play, whether it be in Hainault, further afield or in a safer offshore investment fund.

Types of investment property in Hainault

It is important to understand the main types of property investment in Hainault

  • Undeveloped land in Hainault
  • Greenbelt land in Hainault (speculative investment)
  • Brownfield land around Hainault (and apply for planning)
  • Commercial property in Hainault
  • Direct Booking Vacation rentals in Hainault
  • Residential real estate property in Hainault
  • Operating property investment in Hainault
  • Distressed property investment in Hainault

Types of property investment deals in Hainault

The main types of property deals in Hainault are:

  • Buy to let in Hainault
  • Buy to hold
  • Serviced Accommodation in Hainault
  • Old Peoples Homes
  • Car Parks
  • Commercial Property in Hainault
  • Buy to change purpose

Buy to let in Hainault

A buy-to-let mortgage is a mortgage loan designed specifically for this purpose. Buy-to-let is the process of buying an investment property in Hainault that is specifically let and is one of the most common types of mortgage in the UK and many other countries. Obviously buy-to-let in Hainault does not have to be done with a mortgage and the sector does attract a significant number of cash buyers.

The purchase – to – rental of real estate is usually a residential property in Hainault, but some terms also include a small number of commercial properties, such as office space and retail space. As with a lease, the benefits of buying a rental property in Hainault as a landlord can include the ability to build up assets as house prices rise over time, as well as the benefit of a low interest rate.

The main risk is that a landlord may borrow to buy the property in Hainault, expecting the house to be sold at a higher price later, or that rental income will cover or exceed the cost of the loan.

Once the price has fallen, this lever could push the landlord into negative equity and, if he cannot meet the terms of his mortgage repayment, the bank will try to take possession of the property and sell it to get the money he borrowed. Banks in Hainault can lend to both landlords and tenants, suggesting that the capital is being used for investment rather than rental income, as a professional investor might do.

Buy to hold in Hainault

Long-term rental property in Hainault is widely considered one of the best ways to diversify your property portfolio. So buying and owning property means much more than just investing in a single property, it can bring you a variety of benefits, such as access to a variety of investment opportunities and the benefits of long-term ownership.

While some investors in Hainault may be confused or intimidated when they start, buying and owning property can be one of the best investments you can make if you do your due diligence before you start.

Buying and owning real estate is an investment strategy for investors in Hainault who buy and hold real estate over a long period of time. The owner usually intends to sell the property later, but leaves it to you to help you buy or finance it.

The rental income from the property in Hainault generates short-term income that can be used to pay off a mortgage or to invest money. The strategy of buying and holding property is one of the most common investment options.

The value of the Hainault property will increase over time and the investor will benefit if he is willing to sell it later. The investor benefits from being bought in the expectation that the value of the property will rise over time.

Investors considering a Hainault property purchase and holding strategy should do their best to calculate the potential income from renting out the property. The bottom line is that monthly income should exceed the cost of rent in the first year of ownership and annual rental income over the next five years.

If the investor plans to sell the Hainault  property later, possible profits should also be taken into account. Finally, any losses from taking out a mortgage or other type of property financing must be taken into account, as well as any gains from the sale.

Convert Hainault property to Serviced Accommodation

For property investors in Hainault, converting a home into a serviced apartment would mean higher rents than the normal rent increase. As a result, many people are buying investment property in Hainault and then converting these homes into serviced apartments to maximize yield.

The types of property used for serviced accommodation in Hainault are often the same as those you would use to buy to let. Where you have a guaranteed short-term rent, it’s not as rigid as renting out a property.

Disadvantages of investing in Serviced Accommodation in Hainault

  • Serviced accommodation is more of a business strategy than a property strategy, and the workload is far more intensive. Seasoned veterans liken serviced accommodation investing in Hainault to the same as running a traditional bed and breakfast. It’s no surprise that the other name for Hainault serviced accommodation is a holiday let.
  • You’ll need to furnish your serviced accommodation in Hainault
  • You’ll need to clean the rooms and change the sheets every time your guests leave.
  • Who does all the laundry?
  • Who does all the cleaning?
  • Who’s going to do all the work for you?
  • How are the guests actually going to get in?
  • Massive Payments to Online Travel Agents
  • Are you going to have somebody to do a meet and greet?

Buying investment property in Hainault to convert into serviced accommodation or holiday lets is not really considered an investment, because the amount of work involved make it a full time job.

Buying Investment Property

Buying Investment Property in Hainault